Have You Seen the Linked .NET User Group?

LinkedDotNetUserGroup The Linked .NET User Group, a virtual .NET user group with over 20,000 members, has a portal on Linked In and features online meetings.  The group has been doing some great stuff recently and is definitely worth taking a look.

In particular, there are some extremely promising upcoming meetings.  Events are online through LiveMeeting, so you can attend in your pajamas (for those of you who work from home, at least):

The group also has lists pointers to resources, hosts active discussions, and is another way to connect with others.

Note that there’s also an unofficial group site that’s not based on Linked In.


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  1. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for bringing the word out on LIDNUG!!

    Just wanted to add a few more things, especially regarding the upcoming events.

    We have some fantastic prizes available for the Brian Harry and Scott Guthrie events.

    Brian Harry: 1 year subscription to InnerWorkings – .Net training (600+ hrs of training)

    Scott Guthrie: 1 year MSDN Premium VS 2008 Subscription

    plus all events has ReSharper licenses availabe (1 per 25 attendees) and a host of other goodies.

    Since all our meetings are done  via LiveMeeting we’re able to bring a lot of different, and sometimes highly diverse, presenters to our members and have other awesome events in the next couple of months as well from Sara Ford, Jean-Paul Boodhoo, Claudio Perrone, Tim Heuer etc…

    Anyways, thanks again and we hope to see you there 🙂


    Brian H. Madsen [MVP]

    Group Manager – Linked .Net Users Group

  2. Chris Bowen says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks very much for adding more details about the meetings.  I’m looking forward to them, and glad to see the group is doing so well!



  3. Hey Chris,

    Just a quick FYI – we had 357 attendees yesterday at Brian Harry’s presentation.


  4. Chris Bowen says:

    Wow, Brian, 357 attendees is amazing!  Congratulations!


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