Code Camp 11 – The Schedule!

CodeCamp We're just under a week from New England Code Camp 11: "Developer Stimulus Package" (what is Code Camp?), a free day filled with with technology sessions given by the local developer community.  Code Camp 11 will be held on March 28th at the Microsoft offices in Waltham, MA.

Registration is at over 300 350 375 400 people and still open at:

Sessions and Schedules

But the real story is that there's been a fantastic show of support from volunteers giving their time and expertise to speak.

CC11 is currently scheduled to offer 41 44 sessions by 32 speakers, all for free!  The grid (as always, subject to change) is below, here are the session descriptions, and we'll have printouts of the grids and descriptions waiting for you at registration.

The Schedule (click to expand):


Register today, plan out your weekend with the schedule below, and we'll see you at Camp!

P4050052Saturday Evening Geek Gathering

A Code Camp tradition for years, we're informally gathering over at the Waltham Westin's lobby bar for a chance to unwind on Saturday night.  Drop by after sessions are over to relax, chat, and network with fellow New England devs!

Thanks to Infragistics!

Infragistics Last but certainly not least, budgets are hard everywhere these days, but Infragistics has really stepped up to help make Code Camp a success by sponsoring  lunch!  Many thanks to them, and you can see Infragistics’ own Tony Lombardo who is coming from the NYC area to speak.

See you at Camp!


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  1. I think this might be my third year in a row speaking at the New England Code Camp.  Looking forward to it again!  I’ll be getting in on Friday Night.  I’ll be at the Waltham Westin – you should be able to find me at the bar 😉  Seriously, if you find yourself at the Westin, you can reach me via twitter

  2. Chris Bowen says:

    Great to have you joining us again, Tony!  Hope the trip from NJ goes well.

    I don’t think I’ll be there the night before, but we’ll be back at the Westin on Saturday for our traditional unwinding after Camp!


  3. It’s a one-two punch, code-camp-wise! New England Code Camp is THIS Saturday, March 28th, at the Microsoft

  4. Jason says:

    Ehhh…click to expand is bad…not rendering correctly in my browser

  5. Chris Bowen says:

    @Jason  Sorry it isn’t working for you. Do you have image auto-scale enabled?  The picture is much easier to manage for the (amazingly frequent) changes, but the non-grid schedule is at

    We’ll have printouts of the schedule at the event as well.  Hope you can make it!


  6. At this Saturday’s Code Camp I’ll be giving a brand new presentation on using F#.  The goal of this

  7. At this Saturday’s Code Camp I’ll be giving a brand new presentation on using F#.  The goal of this

  8. Daryl Hemeon says:

    Thanks Chris and team for putting this on.  This was my first code camp and I made the trip from Portland Maine.  I laughed, I cried, I stuffed my face.

    If anyone is ever up near us, come check out our .Net user group:


  9. Chris Bowen says:

    @Daryl – Thanks for making the trip from Maine!  Glad you enjoyed Camp!


  10. Raj says:

    Thanks Chris for the code camp, very big help!

    Where we can download slides by the presentors?



  11. With the start of our F# User’s Group this next Monday and New England Code Camp 11 last weekend , things

  12. Chris Bowen says:

    @Raj It’s up to each speaker to post their own content to a site/blog, but they can update the master session list with a link.  Go to and log in, then you’ll be able to see those links as they’re added.



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