Virtual TechDays 2009 "Defy All Challenges" Event


Our old New England friend Thom Robbins has announced that the Virtual TechDays 2009 "Defy All Challenges" event is coming on April 1st, taking community and knowledge sharing into the online world.

With a target of over 90 sessions in 5 tracks delivered over 24 hours, this should be great fun for both the presenters and attendees.

Your chance to get involved, the Call for Content, is open through February 13th, and submissions from everyone and in any language are welcome.

Are you interested in sharing your knowledge with your peers around the world?

We are looking for passionate speakers to submit topics that developers would be interested in learning about. 

This is an open call for sessions so please feel free to refer other industry experts to this site.

Please note that if you submit a session for consideration, this does not guarantee that your session will be accepted for this event.


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