Special Boston Event: Roger Sessions on Enterprise Architecture, January 21st

IASA New England The New England chapter of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA) will be hosting Roger Sessions on January 21st at the Sheraton Boston at 39 Dalton Street.  He will be speaking on "Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises".

The event is free, with registration here:


This is a great opportunity to hear from one of the industry's best!

MSDNDevCon In addition, Roger will be facilitating discussions at the MSDN Developer Conference the following day (January 22nd), also at the Sheraton.

Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises

It is common to hear of massive IT failures; projects that are over budget, late, poorly aligned to business needs, or all of the above. Often, the resulting losses are in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The cause is almost always the same: uncontrolled complexity. The solution to complexity is simple — or more specifically, simplicity.


We need to understand what makes systems simple with as much critical reasoning as we do what makes systems fast, secure, or reliable. This talk is about the mathematical models of complexity and the methodologies needed to control it. Complexity is the most insidious problem facing IT architects. Control it, or it will bury you! This talk will be thought provoking and open new areas for exploration.


Roger Sessions

Roger Sessions is a well known speaker and presenter in the field of high-end enterprise architectures. He is the author of seven books, dozens of articles, and many white papers. He is well known as the inventor of the SIP methodology, a new approach to managing complexity in enterprise and IT architectures. Roger writes and publishes the ObjectWatch Newsletter, a widely read and highly regarded newsletter on high-end enterprise software technologies. He is the Editor in Chief of Perspectives of the International Association of Software Architects, an IASA Fellow, and a Microsoft MVP in Architecture.


Thanks to Bob Familiar for coordinating this!


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