Winter Northeast Roadshow Update


Jim and I are on the home stretch for the 2008 Winter Northeast Roadshow!  After four stops over the prior two weeks, we're heading into a three-event week at the following locations:

We're going to have a blast with these remaining stops - with some of our biggest audiences yet.  (And, after Thursday, I'm looking forward to a little vacation time as well!)

Look for the slides, demos, and resources from our presentations to be posted on our blogs by the end of this week.

See you on the road,

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  1. Dave Friedel says:

    Great show in Waltham, MA!  I especially liked jQuery and the Silverlight demos!

  2. Arvind Gali says:

    It was a good presentation in Waltham, MA. I liked the idea of having some first look at research in Microsoft. I would recommend such thing for all future sessions.

    Thanks Chris!

  3. Muthu says:

    It was very interesting and overall they were good. It’s a very good presentation by both.

  4. Chris Bowen says:

    Dave, Arvind, and Muthu,

    Thanks very much for the comments and for attending the Roadshow!  Glad you enjoyed it and I hope to see you again soon, either at another event or when we run another Roadshow series in the spring.



  5. Yelena Varshal says:


    What a great presentation!

    I and my co-workers liked everything.

    Where I can download the slides?

    Best regards,


  6. Chris Bowen says:

    Hi Yelena,

    Thanks!  I’m glad you enjoyed the event!  I’ll be posting the content later today (Friday).  You’ll see the post here on my blog.

    Best Regards,


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