Code Camp 10: The Schedule!

CodeCamp10We're under a week from New England's Code Camp 10: "Dev InTENsity!" (what is Code Camp?), a free weekend filled with technology sessions given by the local developer community.  Code Camp 10 will be held on September 20th & 21st at the Microsoft offices in Waltham, MA.

Registration is at over 315 345 385 people and still open at:

Sessions and Schedules

But the real story is that there's been a fantastic show of support from volunteers giving their time and expertise to speak.

CC10 will feature about 50 sessions by 30 speakers, all for free!  The grids are below, here are the session descriptions, and we'll have printouts of the grids and descriptions waiting for you at registration.

Register today, plan out your weekend with the schedule below, and we'll see you at Camp!

P4050052Saturday Evening Geek Gathering

A Code Camp tradition for several years, we're informally gathering over at the Waltham Westin's lobby bar for a chance to unwind on Saturday night.  Drop by after sessions are over to relax, chat, and network with fellow New England devs!


P.S.  There's also a Code Camp Facebook page, which is another way to connect with others in the northeast community.

Saturday, September 20th

MPR A MPR B MPR C EBC Rhode Island Providence
8:30 Registration (Coffee/Tea in Kitchen)
8:45 Camp Welcome Session  
9:00 Break
9:10 May the Source Stay with You The Agile Revolution - Introducing Scrum 'Clean' Web Development with AJAX and SQL Server 2005 When .NET Isn't Enough - An Intro to C++/CLI
10:25 Break
10:35 Intro to Functional and Concurrent Programming in F#

Getting Started with the Web DataGrid

Creating Custom WCF Behaviors Using MMC 3.0 and .NET to Write Custom Admin Tools

Lunch (Food in Kitchen & MPR A + B)

Thanks to Magenic Technologies!

12:35 The How's and Why's of Unit Testing and TDD ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC) .NET Basics - Basic Tools Visual studio 2008 and Office Creating Terrain in XNA
1:50 Break
2:00 IronRuby: Ruby for .NET, Silverlight, and Mono Using XML to Store Hierarchical Data Have it Your Way - REST and SOAP in WCF Solutions Forms Services and Workflow - So Happy Together
3:15 Break
3:25 Silverlight 2 Animation Techniques .NET OOP Demystified Getting to Know Team Foundation Server 2008

Code Generation with the Visual Studio 2008 SDK

Adding Speech Recog. to Your Apps
4:40 Break
4:50 .NET Basics - The Architect's Toolchest Charts and Gauges with Reporting Services 2008 Build a SharePoint Dashboard Using SharePoint Designer Custom My-Sites in MOSS - "Have it Your Way!" Associate Wanted to Bring Project into Mainstream
6:05 End of Day 1


Sunday, September 21st

MPR A MPR B MPR C EBC Rhode Island Providence
8:30 Registration/Welcome (Coffee/Tea in Kitchen)
9:00 New Features in C# 3.0 Toolbox for Agile Projects and Devs: Intro Silverlight as a Front End to Excel Services on SharePoint Digital Imaging and Image Processing with .NET
10:15 Break
10:30 LINQ to Objects, Method Syntax, and Enumerable Class A-Z Deploying SharePoint Apps Beginning Mobile Dev with Compact Fx and SQLCE Custom SharePoint Development with Examples

Lunch (Food in Kitchen & MPR A + B)

Thanks to Syrinx Consulting!

12:30 LINQ to SQL and Object Relational Designer Introducing MSBuild Toolbox for Agile Projects and Devs: Mocking and IOC/DI Self-Healing Apps That Integrate with CRM SharePoint Site Columns, Content Types and Features: Oh My! Applied Generics: The Radix Sort
1:45 Break
1:55 Intro to Silverlight 2.0 TDD with nUnit and Test Driven .NET SharePoint Branding Toolbox for Agile: It All Began in Java - Unit Testing, Mocking, IOC/DI
3:10 Break
3:20 Integrating Silverlight into SharePoint Building Extensible .NET Applications with Mono Addins Operations Manager 2007 for the DBA
4:35 End of Camp - Thanks for Attending!
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  1. Dave Burke says:

    Everyman Links for September 15, 2008

  2. Waltham, Massachusetts Code Camp 10 is literally around the corner, this Saturday and Sunday, September

  3. I’ll be at New England Code Camp 10 tomorrow giving another talk about functional programming and concurrency

  4. I’ll be at New England Code Camp 10 tomorrow giving another talk about functional programming and concurrency

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