Three Events in Upstate New York This Week (5/13 – 5/15)

I'm getting ready to head out for a multi-event tour of upstate New York this week: 



Tuesday, May 13th - 6:30 - 9:00
Tech Valley .NET User Group - Albany, NY
I'll be presenting on "Next-Generation UX Development with Silverlight and WPF"



Wednesday, May 14th - 6:00 - 8:30
Western NY .NET User Group - Buffalo, NY
I'll be presenting on "LINQ and .NET 3.5 Language Enhancements"



Thursday, May 15th (all day event)
Heroes Happen Here Launch Event - Rochester, NY
My session is on "Web Development with Visual Studio 2008".  I'll be joined by my Northeast Roadshow buddies, Bob Familiar and Jim O'Neil, who are also delivering sessions.


That's plenty of driving, but it should be a lot of fun.  Hope those of you in the area can make an event or two!


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  1. I attended the WNYDNUG meeting on Wednesday night and I wanted to say that the presentation regarding LINQ and the new language features of VB.NET and C# was one of the most informative and well-organized talks I’ve been at in recent years.  I was especially fond of the copious amount of beer references.  Thanks for taking the time to visit Buffalo–you’re welcome anytime!

  2. Chris Bowen says:

    Thanks very much, Josh!  I had a great time too.  Plus, you know I need to come back to Buffalo, since I never had a chance to make it to Anchor Bar for the orginal buffalo wings!  🙂



  3. Zachary Mosher says:

    I seconded Josh’s post.  Plus showing us the ZoomIt tool that is on your blogs was very cool!!

    PS I am Scaz on xbox live.  

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