The Digital Dorm Room Tour Has Arrived!

DDR My colleague Edwin Guarin, who focuses on academia here in the northeast, has just kicked off the northeastern leg of the Digital Dorm Room Tour, packing a customized RV with some very cool technology and motoring across the northeast!  Edwin blogged about the tour, the idea, goals, tech, goodies for giveaways, and what's on the RV.

The RV (and hopefully Edwin too) are heading to a bunch of colleges and universities over the coming month.  Here's the schedule.

Who knows, you might even find yours truly hopping on board for the ride (despite the fact that I've been driven by Edwin before!) and hitting a campus or two!

Check out the Digital Dorm Room site for the latest details.


Comments (4)

  1. John H. says:

    Does this tour replace the Bob & Chris Road Show I have come to love?

  2. Chris Bowen says:

    Hi John,

    Nope – and your question is well timed!  

    We’re just about to announce the dates and registration links for our May Northeast Roadshow!  Stay tuned…



  3. rocksteady says:

    Hi Chris,

    You have not updated times and places for the May Digital Dorm Room tour. I was interested in the May 7, RIT Stop

    Thanks Much …

  4. Chris Bowen says:

    @rocksteady – It looks like Edwin will be at RIT on May 8th.  The latest schedule is at!4BBBE6F817894BF9!290.entry

    You can keep up with Edwin by watching his full blog feed here:



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