Code Camp 9 – The Schedule!

code camp wkng 08 cropped Code Camp 9 is coming next weekend (April 5th & 6th), and I'm honestly amazed by the response.  (What is Code Camp 9?

We currently have 62 technology sessions over two days and, currently with 415 registrants, we're likely to hit our limit of 500 people!

It's a free event, and with just 85 slots left for registrants, make sure you register now at:

I had to cram session titles in to get them to fit below, but you can see the full session list here.

Open Space Discussions

We've decided to turn the kitchen area into an Open Space concept.  We'll put up a grid and let people toss ideas for informal Birds-of-a-feather sessions throughout Saturday and Sunday. 

So bring your ideas/stories/challenges, pull up a few chairs, and get chatting with your fellow Campers.

See You There!

Thanks to our contributors, who are sending in heaps of goodies for giveaways and swag.  Thanks to our great community of speakers for volunteering to share their expertise.  And of course, thanks to all of you for attending Code Camp 9!

See you next weekend!



Saturday, April 5th

MPR A MPR B MPR C EBC Rhode Island Providence
8:30 Registration (Coffee/Tea in Kitchen)
8:45 Camp Welcome Session  
9:00 Break
9:10 Index Optimization and Performance Tuning Cross-
.NET: Mono and Moonlight
Visual Basic 2008 - New Language Features leading up to LINQ Extending Power-
Practical MDX: Using MDX with MS OLAP/BI Tools
10:25 Break
10:35 What a Dev should know about IIS 7 ASP.Net Performance and Optimization SQL Server Reporting Services 2008

Birds-of-a-Feather Discussion - Visual Studio 2008 from the Trenches

BizTalk Primer Real World httpModules and httpHandlers
11:50 Lunch (Food in Kitchen & MPR A + B)
12:35 Writing Better Code with Visual Studio 2008 Developer Edition "Shall We Play a Game?" - An Intro to Game Dev with XNA Reporting Services 2008: Authoring compelling reports No Pain Database Access with SubSonic Intro to: extend your project/ products with custom Workflows and Rules engine
1:50 Break
2:00 Silverlight 2 Data Apps Quick Start Reflector and Friends: An overview of Lutz Roeder's  .Net Reflector and its add-ins Wpf Means Business II Mobile App Dev. with .Net Compact Framework, SQLCE and PPC's Patterns of Splendor: Advanced CodeSmith Windows and Dev Auto-
mation with NAnt
3:15 Break
3:25 How Do I Use ASP.NET AJAX? Extending  .Net Reflector: writing your own addins Object Relational Mapping, an Intro to NHibernate

Jumping Into the ETL Deep End with SQL Server Integ-
ration Services

Intro to: extend your projects/ products with new scripting engine -Power-
4:40 Break
4:50 Big Data: Managing Terabytes with SQL Server Intro to ASP.NET Visual Studio 2008 Tips and Treats Extending Your Apps using Dynamic Languages SQL Server Integration Services Deployment Best Practices Front-End Web Performance Techniques for ASP.NET Developers
6:05 End of Day 1


Sunday, April 6th

MPR A MPR B MPR C EBC Rhode Island Providence
8:30 Registration/Welcome (Coffee/Tea in Kitchen)
9:00 Best Practices in ASP.NET 2.0/3.5: Defend Yourself From Worst Practices Intro to Design: The Power and Glory of the User Exper-
mation with MSBuild 3.5 and Team Build 2008
Black-belt T-SQL for devs with SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 Build a State Machine Workflow Adv. Tech-
niques for Everyday Dev
10:15 Break
10:30 Functional ReFactoring: Adding Clarity and Grace to Your Code Lever-
aging Compact Frame-
work 3.5 Dev Tools
Test Driven Dev w/ Test Driven .net and NUnit AJAX- The AJAX Control Toolkit, Plus Taking AJAX to The Next Level NHiber-
nate and Poly-
Building Apps with Logic
11:45 Lunch (Food in Kitchen & MPR A + B)
12:30 WinForms and Smart Client Dev SQL Server Integration Services Dev Best Practices Extend Power-
Shell "To Infinity... and Beyond!"
What's Auth got to do, got to do with it?  
1:45 Break
1:55 LINQ isn't just for Breakfast, anymore- Applying LINQ and Strategies for Migrating to It The absolute begin-
ner's crash course on WCF
Extending SharePoint 2007 Handling UAC in .NET Apps WCF for Windows Mobile Apps Data Cubes 101 with SQL Server 2005
3:10 Break
3:20 Crash Course in LINQ and Visual Studio 2008 Language enhance-
Workflows are not only for for business SharePoint 2007 Web Part Dev Starter A Platform for S+S Apps  
4:35 End of Camp - Thanks for Attending!
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  1. John J Ross says:

    This nis going to be a great weekend.

    Something for everybody.

  2. The great response Code Camp 9 has put us over our limit of 500 registrants! We’ve decided to extend

  3. I finally got everything confirmed and I will be speaking at the Boston Code Camp in the morning. I will

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