Summary of MIX ’08 Highlights

vectormark It's been a busy week (getting ready for the 2008 Launch event in Boston next week), but I have a moment to share details from my trip to MIX '08 last week.

The Crew on a Surface machineIt was my first MIX, and incredibly, my first visit to Las Vegas!  Not a lot of free time to absorb the city, but it was great.

Didn't get to go (or went but somehow couldn't be everywhere at once)?  All content was recorded and is freely available at:

First, the featured products and tools:

And the Demos:

And finally, to describe the pictures on the right:

  1. The top one is a picture of a Surface machine to which a picture of our group was sent from a wireless camera and enlarged right on the table.  (Left to right - Me, Brian Hitney, Glen Gordon, Joe Stagner, Zain Naboulsi, Rob Bagby.)   Very cool.
  2. Coming Soon to Vermont?My colleague in the southeast, Doug Turnure, gazes longingly at the Surface machine being demoed.  Surface, you had us at hello. 
  3. Really, I have no idea who these guys playing Rock Band are, but they were having a great time.  There was a pretty impressive setup - wonder if I can replicate it in my basement?
  4. Finally, though I did eat here and had a nice meal, I'm only including this picture of the David Burke restaurant at the Venetian in honor of the incomparable Vermont-based Dave Burke.  Who knew you had a restaurant, Dave?

Hoping I get to go next year!






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  1. Dave Burke says:

    Chris, I spent so much time on your great Mix links that I didn’t see "Dave Burke" until my 3rd read.  Hey, man.  I know your taste in cuisine is way out my blue collar league, so I’m sure there’s no relation.  Thanks for thinking of me though.  See you at CC9!!!

  2. Wow, if there were three Scott Guthries! Joe Stagner does what he can to help mere mortal developers

  3. Wow, if there were three Scott Guthries! Joe Stagner does what he can to help mere mortal developers

  4. Mix 08 was a blast.  So many things were announced, products released, and of course a great interview

  5. If you’re in or passing through the Boston area and have yet to see a Microsoft Surface machine in action,

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