"Essential WCF" on the Shelves!

On The Shelf!

I popped in to my local bookstore (and ended up grabbing a copy of "LINQ in Action", which I've heard great things about) and what to my wondering eyes did appear, but hot-off-the-press copies of my latest authoring journey... "Essential Windows Communication Foundation"!

Essential Windows Communication Foundation

It's a great feeling to have all the research, coding, and long nights of writing actually take material shape on a shelf in a bookstore.

Bowen Books(Being a proud pop, I couldn't resist a side-by-side pic with my previous book, "Professional Visual Studio 2005 Team System".)

The InformIT Interview


We were recently contacted by informIT for an interview about the book, which you can read here - "So, What is This WCF Anyway?"

More about Essential WCF

Since we'd specifically timed the book to include details of .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008, we're among the first to cover some new WCF topics. 

Here's a glance at what's inside:

  • Foreword xxv
  • Preface xxvii
  • Chapter 1: Basics 1
  • Chapter 2: Contracts 33
  • Chapter 3: Channels 91
  • Chapter 4: Bindings 111
  • Chapter 5: Behaviors 181
  • Chapter 6: Serialization and Encoding 241
  • Chapter 7: Hosting 287
  • Chapter 8: Security 315
  • Chapter 9: Diagnostics 375
  • Chapter 10: Exception Handling 403
  • Chapter 11: Workflow Services 423
  • Chapter 12: Peer Networking 459
  • Chapter 13: Programmable Web 503
  • Appendix: Advanced Topics 537
  • Index 553

I've already heard from a number of you who are delving into Essential WCF.  Let me know if you have any feedback about the book. 


I encourage you to take a moment to check out my coauthors' blogs:

Thanks Abound

Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible - my coauthors in "unbounded awesomeness"* - Steve and Rich, the great team at Addison-Wesley who kept the wheels turning well and in the right direction, and our technical reviewers who did a great job helping to ensure we were spot-on:

Special thanks to Steve Maine, who not only provided great support during creation, but who also took the time to pen the book's forward.

And of course, thanks to you in the community for your support!


* Note to Steve Toub, yes, that's the awesomeness' UBound() we're talking about.  🙂

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  1. Roger says:

    Gratz Chris. Looking forward to receiving my copy.

  2. Congratulations to my coworker Chris for a feat that I can only dream about from a distance – getting

  3. SBC says:

    congratulations Chris!

    don’t forget to autograph my copy – I promise I won’t sell  it back on eBay!


  4. tad says:

    Do you guys plan on making code from the book available?

  5. Chris Bowen says:

    Hi Tad,

    Yes, we’ll be getting examples from the book up soon.  I’ll post a link when that’s done.



  6. Tad Anderson says:


    Thanks for getting back to me about the code.

    Great book by the way!!!

    My review of it:


  7. Jim Wooley says:

    Congrats on your book. I know what it takes to put one of these things together. After finding your book on the shelf, I hope you still got a chance to check out LINQ in Action as well. Make sure to let us know what you thought of that when you get a chance.

  8. Matthias Reis says:

    Hi Chris,

    i am having trouble getting the examples in Chapter 5 (Behaviours) to work. In the service, there is a method "public double GetPrice(string ticker)", while in the clients proxy the functions "proxy.BeginGetPrice("MSFT", GetPriceCallback, proxy);" and "EndGetPrice" are used.

    Any Idea?

  9. Chris Bowen says:

    Hi Matthias,

    The source code for a number of the chapters is now available at http://www.informit.com/title/9780321440068.  You can download the example project directly and take a look.  Let me know if you still have any questions.

    Thanks for picking up a copy of the book!



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