GameDev Day ’07 Boston – XNA, Gaming, and Game Development

XNA Like games?  Wonder how they're made?  Want to know how to make them yourself?

Emerson Hall, HarvardCome to GameDev Day '07, a free event being hosted at Harvard University on December 1st, sponsored by Microsoft in association with the Harvard Interactive Media Group (HIMG).

The Details

What:  GameDev Day '07 Boston
Who:  ANYONE - students, professionals, enthusiasts - interested in learning about how games are made and the gaming industry
When:  Saturday, December 1st, 10 AM - 4 PM
Where:  Harvard University [directions],
Emerson Hall [map], Room 105 (Note that we moved from Sever Hall)
Cost:  Free
Registration:  None, but if you're on Facebook, add yourself to the event's page!

Game Development Sessions

  • Presentations on game development topics
  • Second Life Learn about virtual worlds like Second Life (from the company that created it!) and their effect on the real world
  • Learn to create games for the XBOX 360 and PCs with (the free) XNA Game Studio Express 

Gaming Industry Experts

  • halo3Open Q&A Panel
  • Advice on getting to game development
  • Careers in the Boston area

Open Gaming

  • Play Halo 3 and Guitar Hero on XBOX Elites

Pizza and Giveaways

  • Halo 3
  • Project Gotham Racing 4
  • Gears of War
  • Flight Simulator X Deluxe [PC]

The Agenda

10:15 - Welcome and Announcements (Edwin Guarin and Chris Bowen)
10:25 - Introduction to XNA (Edwin and Chris)
10:50 - Creating Your First XNA Game (Michael Cummings)
12:00 - Pizza & Gaming
12:50 - Creating Games - What *Really* Goes on Under the Covers (Mark Mullin and Dan Scherlis)
2:00 - Blurring the Boundaries: CSI, Second Life and You (Kent Quirk and John Lester, Linden Lab)
3:00 - Gaming Industry Q&A Panel (Dan Scherlis, Mark Mullin, Michael Cummings, Kent Quirk, Darius Kazemi)

We're going to have a great time!  See you there!


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  10. Jake Dugas says:

    Wish I knew about this sooner. I can’t make it do to my work Schedule

  11. GeoffH says:

    Just wanted to say how awesome and interesting yesterday was for me.  I hope it can happen again next year and other events too.  I hope you also thought that yesterday was a success.

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