Code Camp 8 – Summary and Thank You


Fritz Onion working session magic[From the "Better Late than Never Department"]

It's been a very busy couple of weeks after Code Camp, with ReMIX and working on the home stretch of "Essential WCF", but I didn't want to forget to post a summary for our fantastic New England Code Camp 8!

The weekend before last saw over 40 sessions by 25 presenters, all volunteering their weekend time to an engaged audience of people who also volunteered their weekend time to attend!

Judging by the surveys we received, this was one of our best Camps yet, with both the session ratings and overall event rating extremely high.   


I wanted to point out Samantha Milowsky's great summary of the event!  Thanks for taking capturing the event in words and photos!

More magazines than you can read!Thanks also to Dave Burke for his kind words in his Code Camp wrap-up

Session Materials

We'll be hounding the speakers to get links to their presentations up on TheDevCommunity site.  Some speakers already have their content available through their blogs:

Log in to for links to the materials for each session (you need to be logged in to see the presentations.)

Thanks to Our Speakers

The saturday night geek event Please join me in thanking our speakers for volunteering their time and effort!  Without you, Code Camp would be... well, a lot of people just sitting around eating pizza.  🙂

  • Andy Beaulieu
  • Chris Bowen
  • Dave Burke
  • Allan da Costa Pinto
  • Michael Cummings
  • Ben Day
  • David Edson
  • Bob Familiar
  • Bruce Ganek
  • Robert Hurlbut
  • Julie Lerman
  • Jesse Liberty
  • Anthony Lombardo
  • Mark Mullin amazes Adam Machanic
  • Todd Mancini
  • Michael de la Maza
  • Mark Mullin
  • Tim Ng
  • Andy Novick
  • Fritz Onion
  • Chris Pels
  • Richard Hale Shaw
  • Steve Simon
  • Paul Swider
  • Max Weber


Giveaways aplenty A special thank you to our contributors for supporting this Code Camp!

These companies contributed either funds for food or giveaways for attendees, with no expectations of the the usual sponsorship perks like logos in lights, banners on the walls, and expo hall receptions.  Please join us in thanking them for supporting the .NET community.

Code Camp v.Next!

What actually happened during the SCRUM session?If you thought this Code Camp was packed with information, keep in mind we have a the launch of a certain trio of products coming, so things are going to be very interesting for Code Camp 9 in the spring!

Last, but absolutely not least, THANK YOU to every attendee who exchanged precious weekend time to come out and share, learn, and drive the buzz that makes the New England .NET community one of the best in the world!


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  1. Chris, thanks for the thanks, and organizing a great event!

  2. "One, Two,… Nine, Sir!" Can you believe we’re on Code Camp Nine ?! Code Camps began in New England

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