The September Roadshow is Underway


On the Road Again

The first Roadshow stop is tomorrow, so Bob and I are revving up the engine, packing up the stuff, and heading out on the road.  There's still time to register for one of these stops:

Free Pass and Book!

Not that our amazing content and world-class senses of humor aren't enough, but we've arranged to have free passes to ReMix '07 Boston for all Roadshow attendees!  PLUS, just because we love to lug around heavy boxes, we're giving every attendee a copy of the book "Introducing LINQ"!

Now even if I didn't work for Microsoft, I'd still think that's a pretty decent deal for free...

See you on the road!



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  1. Marco Russo says:

    An MSDN roadshow is underway: next week there are three dates in USA where all attendees will receive

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