Index of Silverlight Games (Most with Source)

Zero Gravity In my experience, many corporate developers by day are actually gamers by night (after putting the kids in bed, of course.)  So when an interesting technology like Silverlight comes along, a good way to learn what it can do is to see gaming concepts applied, then pull things apart to see how they were done.

Here's a recent crop of Silverlight 1.0 & 1.1 games, each (but one) with source:

If you're interested in learning more about game development with Silverlight, Bill Reiss has been working on a great series of tutorial posts on his Silverlight Games 101 blog.  Start reading from the bottom first, where he start with a basic game canvas, then adds sprites, a game loop, keyboard input, etc.


Update 7/5 - Added Silverlight Maze, Khet
Update 7/6 - Added Bubble Factory [via WynApse].  Hmm, three more games without source - I may have to change the post title soon... 🙁
Update 7/8 - Added Browser Poker, Grand Piano, Silverlights Out, SilverNibbles [via Tim Sneath]
Update 7/30 - Added Silverlight Tetris

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  1. Glenno says:

    There was also Dr. Greenthumb written for 1.0

  2. Spotted over on Chris Bowen’s Blog , a handy list of Silverlight Games "Dr. Popper" – Burst the matching

  3. Spotted over on Chris Bowen's Blog , a handy list of Silverlight Games "Dr. Popper" – Burst

  4. Bob's Blog says:

    Chris Bowen has cataloged a nice collection of Silverlight games most of which come with source. This

  5. jackbond says:

    We’ve put together an online version of Khet (board game with lasers) where you can play head to head against other players. You can get more info at Unfortunately, we cannot provide source at this time.

  6. Desmonte estes jogos e veja como foram criados. Chris Bowen tem um bom índice de jogos criados utilizando

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