Microsoft Growing in Cambridge, MA

We'll be expanding our available space in the Boston area by way of One Memorial Drive, Cambridge:

One Memorial Drive"Microsoft will be leasing 136,000 square feet in the 17-story high-rise office tower, overlooking the Charles River, in addition to the 46,000 square feet the Redmond, Wash., company agreed in April to lease for employees of Softricity, a Boston company it acquired last summer."

Definitely a positive development for Microsoft in New England.

Now I'll have more excuses to swing by my favorite Cambridge haunts - L.A. Burdick, East Coast Grill, Mr. Bartley's... Oh, and customers, of course.  🙂

Update - Chris Brookins commented to provide a link to a great video of the view from inside One Memorial Drive.


Comments (7)

  1. We work in this space now – click the URL to see what a day looks like from our offices now.  We’ll miss this view when we move out!

  2. Chris Bowen says:

    Thanks for the video link, Chris!  Very nice!

  3. Chris,

    Great news about your growing in the Cambridge Market.

    Wow, thanks for the video lind, it is awesome. Great Company, great people.

  4. As I’ve mentioned before, Microsoft is in the process of moving/growing groups to a great new location

  5. Some exciting news for New England. Microsoft Research has just announced that the One Memorial Drive,

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