Announcing Bob and Chris’ MSDN Roadshow!

Bob Familiar and I are busting out of our home bases in Massachusetts and taking our long-winded rants and questionable demos on the roads across the Northeast!  In the coming weeks, we'll be bringing the latest in developer- and architect-focused content to a town near you.

Join us for a full day of no-fluff deep technical content, plenty of code, 100% guaranteed-to-run demos*, and of course giveaways throughout with a chance to win a Zune at day's end!  [* We'll define "run" as we go.]

Roadshow Schedule and Registration

Rochester, NY

February 27th, 2007


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Burlington, VT

March 1st, 2007


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Portland, ME

March 6th, 2007


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Manchester, NH

March 8th, 2007


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Farmington, CT

March 20th, 2007


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Event Agenda

For this tour, we're focusing on all things .Net Framework 3.0.  Here's the agenda:

08:30am – Arrive, check in, grab a nosh and a seat


09:00 – 10:15 – Windows Communication Foundation

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is Microsoft's unified framework for building secure, reliable, transacted, and interoperable distributed applications. Learn how to leverage the new features in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to make a smooth transition to a service-orientation.  The capabilities exposed through this new addition to the .NET framework will enable the core building blocks of connected systems such as data & service contracts, security, reliability, administration, and management   


10:15 – 10:30 – Take a break and communicate


10:30 – 12:00 – Windows CardSpaces

Windows CardSpace enables users to provide their digital identities in a familiar, secure and easy way. In the physical world we use business cards, credit cards and membership cards. Online with CardSpace we use a variety of virtual cards to identify ourselves, each retrieving data from an identity provider. Don't struggle with usernames and passwords, just choose an information card! This session will delve into the architecture and implementation of CardSpaces.

12:00-01:00 – Grab a lunch and ponder your identity

01:00 – 02:15 –Workflow Foundation

Workflow Foundation (WF), a component of the .NET Framework 3.0, enables you to quickly and reliably implement workflows and business rules in your applications.  WF provides a framework for constructing sequential and state-machine based workflows for any .NET application or service and includes tools to effectively manage and modify those workflows.  In this session, we'll introduce the major concepts and purpose of WF, demonstrate the creation and maintenance of workflows with Visual Studio 2005, and show the potential uses of workflows within your applications. 

02:15-02:30 – Take a break and go with the flow

02:30 – 03:45 – Windows Presentation Foundation

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is Microsoft’s new strategic User Interface technology designed to provide richer, high-fidelity, applications using an optimized developer/designer workflow.  Learn how to leverage the new features in WPF such as XAML to create visually stunning interfaces to enhance capabilities and user experience of your applications. 


03:45 – 04:00 – Zune Giveaway

Register using the links in the schedule above.  Looking forward to seeing you out on the road!


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  1. While I write here primarily for computer science teachers I know that many who read this blog are professional

  2. Marc LaFleur says:

    Why nothing in Massachusetts? We’re feeling ignored. 🙂

  3. Chris Bowen says:

    Sorry Marc! 🙂  For now we’re going to focus this Roadshow on the more "remote" parts of the Northeast.  Massachusetts tends to get plenty of coverage, but we’ll see about changing the schedule as we go!

  4. Art Alexander says:

    Good to see Bob Familiar back on the Road!  Of course, looking forward to meeting you as well Chris.  (Just wondering whatever happened to Larry – Bob’s old partner?)

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  6. Here’s the latest recurring update of the upcoming events and user group meetings for developers in the

  7. Here’s the latest recurring update of the upcoming events and user group meetings for developers in the

  8. While considering the schedule for this weekend’s Code Camp 7 , it occurred to me that Bob is going to

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