Lync for Windows Phone

2 good colleagues of mine, has used a bit of their sparetime to develop this great looking Lync Client for WP7.


Take a look at the video [View:]



It will be made available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace very soon.


Great job guys! 🙂



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  1. Fareed Muhammad Khan says:

    This is great, Thank you guys.. any idea when would it be avaliable?

  2. n says:

    But if Lync for Windows Phone will be only IM and presence there is nothing new

    I'm disappointed…

  3. Alenat says:

    The author mentioned here…/windows-phone-7-client-for-lync.aspx you have to have a sort of a separate gateway to get it working with Lync infrastructure. So I guess just client will not be enough unfortunately. But looks definitely good.

  4. JP says:

    Will this work as an Office Communicator 2007 client? I hope so? This was the last missing piece for me to fully switch over to WP7. Great news! Thank you.


  5. cbmdotdk says:

    this will not work with OCS 2007 afaik

    and yes it requires a separate server setup that can handle the requests from the phone

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