Great Windows 7 Review :)

Hey Guys, Thought I would post some fun. Take a look at this great “review” of Windows 7

CCF Web Admin Interface Project

Hey there, I’m currently on a large CCF project and therefore I have experienced the large amount of time being used in the Admin Console. Unfortunately this is very flakey in CCF 2008, so I have decided to create a Web Admin tool to control the same stuff as the Admin Console does. The project…

This is just a test site

This is just a preliminary site

My WDS now supports Windows 7 images

Hey there, This past weekend I added a new Boot image to my WDS Server. After getting my hands on the Windows 7 RTM bits from MSDN, I figured it was time to get the server updated. I followed the guide that I posted here last year and added the boot image, and created a…


Dual booting Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 r2

Hey, I just finished setting up my new dev environment on my work laptop.There’s some key elements to do this in a successful matter. Start setting your win7 up normally.When selecting harddisk, make sure you create a partition that fits your need and make sure to leave space for the VHD that will contain Win2k8r2.After…


Win 7 is RTM

It finally happened!!! The most expected OS release from MS in years has gone RTM. The final build i 7600 16385, now you guys just have to wait till Aug 6 when it hits MSDN and Technet. Prepare yourself!

Windows 7 will hit MSDN on Aug. 6

Hey guys, Just read on the Win 7 Team blog ( that win 7 rtm will be available on MSDN on aug 6. This doesn’t mean that we have rtm’ed win 7, and as previously stated, it will RTM in the last 2 weeks of july. This also means that if you have downloaded an…

Visual Studio 2010 beta and .net 4.0 beta now available on MSDN

Hey guys, Just wanted to update you on some really cool stuff… Visual Studio 2010 and .net 4 is now available on MSDN. Go get it… I just downloaded it and I’m about to set it up on Windows 7 RC 7127… oh btw, with Office 2010… Don’t hate the player… hate the game 😛…


TFS upgrade from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008

Hey, I just upgraded my TFS server to run SQL Server 2008, believing that this would be a straight out the box upgrade… but boy was I wrong! After the upgrade none of my projects could connect to the TFS. And I instantly knew it was b/c of SQL Server 2008. So what to do……


List of presentations and keynotes from MIX09.

Hi there, Mike Swanson just published a list of all the keynotes and presentation videos from MIX09. Go have a look, this is good stuff 🙂 Take care out there, Christian