Changing the activityparty using a CRM Plugin

Hey there, It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy doing a lot of XRM stuff.   I wanted to share this piece of code with you since it has been a major headache of mine for a long time in a project, I’ve searched high and low and couldn’t figure it out, so if…

Autonumbering in Dynamics CRM 2011

Sequential autonumbering in Dynamics CRM 2011.   Happy coding! 😀

HyperV Monitor for WP7 and other devices

Hey, I’m still in the middle of creating my HyperV monitor for WP7 and other mobile devices. you can follow my progress at I need some input though, and I hope you can help me out. Would you like to be able to control and view the status on an external webpage, or would…

Lync for Windows Phone

2 good colleagues of mine, has used a bit of their sparetime to develop this great looking Lync Client for WP7.   Take a look at the video [View:]     It will be made available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace very soon.   Great job guys! 🙂   @cbmdk


XBOX MVP – Morten Skou – 3rd year in a row

Morten Skou of has just received the MVP title for 3rd year in a row. That’s a great achievement and Morten is really setting the scene in Denmark regarding xbox 360 community, competitions, tournaments and so on. Morten is the only XBOX MVP in Denmark, and truely a great person to know. Congratz Morten, you…

Fun fun fun

well… I shouldn’t really write this since the Danish team didn’t perform at all at the World Cup. But anyways here goes..   What’s the difference between Cinderella and the England football team? Cinderella wanted to get to the ball…. Osama bin Laden has just released a new TV message to prove he is still…

Twitter trends – the easy way to display trends :)

Ok, I was playing around with the Twitter Trends I wanted to display the current trends on a page or wherever so I decided to give it a go with Linq to JSON, featured in JSON.NET. I ran into some problems since the property in the json post is changing all the time so…

How to connect to build server in TFS 2010 RC programatically!

@kkristensen has put up an excellent walkthrough on how to get data regarding builds on his blog at go have a look if you want to know how to get build info, e.g. if you want to send it on to your build bunny (NabazTag), as we did 😉 happy reading!

GodMode in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 r2

Hey there, Happy new year, hope you all had a great new years eve.! Did you know that there’s a GodMode in the 2 new OS’es from Microsoft? If you do, don’t bother reading more but if you don’t… Read on! Create a new folder and rename it to GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} Pretty simple and useful 🙂…

Great Windows 7 Review :)

Hey Guys, Thought I would post some fun. Take a look at this great “review” of Windows 7