What would you like us to work on next?

10 weeks ago we shipped federations in SQL Azure and it is great to see the momentum grow. This week, I'll be spending time with our MVPs in Redmond and we have many events like this where we get together with many of you to talk about what you'd like to see us deliver next on federations. I'd love to hear from the rest of you who don't make it to Redmond or to one of the conferences to talk to us; what would you like us to work on next? If you like what you see today, what would make it even better? if you don't like what you see today, why? what experience would you like to see taken care of, simplified? Could be big or small. Could be NoSQL or NewSQL or CoSQL or just plain vanilla SQL. Could be in APIs, tools or in Azure or in SQL Azure gateway or the fabric or the engine? Could be the obvious or the obscure...

Open field; fire away and leave a comment or simply tweet #sqlfederations and tell us what you'd like us to work on next...



Comments (4)

  1. Joe says:

    My vote would be for a better SQL Azure -> Blob Storage backup solution. The current Copy Database route is too expensive, and of course won't work with federations.

  2. Chris Adkin says:

    Auto sharding for federations would be quite a cool feature to have.

  3. Andrew Thompson says:

    The ability to use data-tier applications with Federations, i.e. apply a DAC package to a Federation root database to update the database schema across Federation members.

  4. Mike says:

    SSMS integration. It's solid right now but most DBA's spend their life inside SSMS. The more transparency between the two the better.

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