Coming up at the end of the year in 2011 with SQL Azure…

Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed the keynote this morning on SQL Azure. You can watch the azure section of the keynote here at the 1:25:00 mark. You can also look at that great 3D pie chart over and over again! Had to put that in there! Smile

5 mins taking you through 'What’s coming to a SQL Azure near you at the end of 2011'.

#1 Federations: coming at the end of the year with SQL Azure but the big surprise is the tooling you will get with it! Fantastic experiences with screens that let you manage all members in a single screen. Colored alerts on issues like size pressure on members right in this UI. From here you can fire into either a deeper experience on an individual member for resource stats, monitoring OR you can SPLIT and RESIZE inline right from the federation overview page. What an experience!


#2 The brand new experience in SQL Azure management portal is also bringing amazing power-tools for you to for viewing stats on your databases such as CPU and database size utilization and get great experiences for viewing and troubleshooting execution plans to schema design and dependency of your object. Recommend watching the keynote here to see the great interface that we'll ship at the end of the year with SQL Azure.


#3 Another great announcement is the new larger database size; 150GB. So 50GB to 150GB and we'll continue to push further in future. I'll do a detailed post on the large databases later. You will also get the ability to specify any SQL Collation for these databases you create as well - I am sure the international crowd will cheer that!


What a great week… Enjoy!


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