TechEd 2011 (Video) – Introducing SQL Azure Federations: Big data and Big Scale…

Here is the session I did this week at Atlanta on SQL Azure Federations.

SQL Azure Federations: Big Data, Big Scale…

SQL Azure provides an information platform that you can easily provision, configure and use to power your cloud applications. In this session we explore the patterns and practices that help you develop and deploy applications that can exploit the full power of the elastic, highly available, and scalable SQL Azure Database service. Cihan Biyikoglu will first discuss the SQL Azure Federation architecture and overview of some of the key assets of federations. Following that, Cihan will dive into details of how federation allow building applications that scale beyond the scale-up limits in the cloud and SQL Azure around database size and computational capacity and how one can build massive database tiers with unlimited scalability, best price performance. Session will also touch on how SQL Azure Federations simplifies building flexible tenancy models with multi-tenant databases. And will also discuss how SQL Azure Federations bring in some of the best properties of NoSQL into SQL Azure environment. 

-cihan biyikoglu

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  1. Alex says:

    Are Federations actually available today?  If not, do you know roughly which quarter MS is targeting for availability?

  2. Federations question says:

    I am wondering when will I be able to try out federations, I would like to try it with the EF, I have some ideas of how it may work with the EF.

  3. Cihan says:

    We will release the technology this year and make it available in all SQL Azure geos.

    Entity Framework and Federations is something we are still looking at. We'll share more infromation in future about that.

    Many Thanks


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