SQL PASS 2010, Nov 8th to 12th in Seattle

Hi everyone, I’ll be presenting the following 2 sessions at PASS. If you get a chance, stop by and say hi!

Building Large Scale Database Solutions on SQL Azure

SQL Azure is a great fit for elastic, large scale and cost effective database solution with many TBs and PBs of data. In this talk we will explore the patterns and practices that help you develop and deploy applications that can exploit full power of the elastic, highly available and scalable SQL Azure Databases. The talk will detail modern scalable application design techniques such as sharding and horizontal partitioning and dive into future enhancements to SQL Azure Databases. We’ll do a deep dive into federations and see a demo of how one can take an regular application

Migrating & Authoring Applications to Microsoft SQL Azure

Are you looking to migrate your on-premise applications and database from MySql or other RDBMs to SQL Azure? Or are you simply focused on the easiest ways to get your SQL Server database up to SQL Azure? Then, this session is for you. We cover two fundamental areas in this session: application data access tier and the database schema+data. In Part 1, we dive into application data-access tier, covering common migration issues as well as best practices that will help make your data-access tier more resilient in the cloud and on SQL Azure. In Part 2, the focus is on database migration. We go through migrating schema and data, taking a look at tools and techniques for efficient transfer of schema through Management Studio and Data-Tier Application (DAC). Then, we discover efficient ways of moving small and large data into SQL Azure through tools like SSIS and BCP. We close the session with a glimpse into what is in store in future for easing migration of applications into SQL Azure.

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