PASS 06: Hidden Gems in SQL Server 2005 – Slides available at the PASS website

Greetings, my pass talk is now available at for download. The session was on some of the great hidden parts of sql server that served us well in real life imlpementations. There are quite a few I could have mentioned but I picked the top 10 that I think is the most impactful. Here is the list;

10 Tablediff.exe : Table1 == Table2?
9 Trigger for Logon events (SP2)
8 Boosting performance with persisted-computed-columns
7 Can you fix bad code automagically? DEFAULT_SCHEMA setting in sys.database_principals
6 Can you fix more bad code automagically? Forced Parameterization
5 Same data, less space? (SP2) VarDecimal storage format
4 Autoindex: What would you like to index today?: sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats & sys.dm_db_missing_index_*
3 “What is the hottest query?” answered in seconds: sys.dm_exec_query_stats
2 Scalable Shared Databases - Scaleout for eradonly reporting servers.
1 Softer side of Numa - Soft vs Hard Numa - the magic of '8'.


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