MARS, Transactions and SQL Error 3997, 3988 or 3983

Mars and Transactions   MARS (multiple active result-sets) does allow multiple commands to be active on the same connection, however there are some limitations on allowing multiple transactions to be active. I received a number of questions around this lately. I’ll try to address the common denominator scenario in these questions and how to work…

Financial Services Developers Conference Presentation – Data Integration

FSG Dev. Conf. 06 is over. Thanks to the folks who attended. Here is the presentation and the Demos as promised for the SQL Server Data Integration – Turning Data Into Intelligence. “OPENROWSET BULK” and “Fuzzy Lookup” were the champions of the presentation. I’d certainly like to find out about your experience with both of these…


SQL ISV Advisory Team Blog

ISV Advisory team is starting to blog as well. Good one to bookmark!