Testing 1,2,3...

Quick Intro: I am a program manager in the ISV team in SQL Server development. I try to ensure SQL Server is well crafted to solve the underlying issues in the financial vertical. I've recently left the field organization where I worked as an application development consultant. Prior to Microsoft, I worked at Informix and many other small and ambitious companies.

When I am not tuning sql, I like to thinker with musical instruments in my small silent home studio. Nothing serious but I enjoy learning music theory and just learning playing, or butchering, new instruments. (-Yeah, Prince and I have a lot in common-). I made my living as a drummer for a while but quickly discovered other passions in the geeky stuff. Besides I'd probably make the best-worst drummers list with all the talent that is out there now.

What: I'll use this space to talk about data and database technology. Why: My IQ is shooting through the roof and I have the experience of a 110 year old developer... Yeah right! Seriously though, I think the unique part here is the experience rather than anything else. I worked on both sides of the fence and like to think I can do OK when it comes to databases. Alright then, Shall we?

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