Forced and Simple Parameterization in SQL Server 2005

As the optimizer gets more and more sophisticated, cost of optimization naturally increases. When that is the case; simple and forced parameterization comes to the rescue (much like you neighborhood plumber). These features simply allow the reuse of execution plans from similar queries thus minimizing the parse & compile time. The benefits vary from workload…


SQL Server 2005 is out the door

Well, many lines of code and 5 years later, SQL Server 2005 is out the door. I have been in the lab benchmarking with close partners lately and I am certainly impressed with the results. With all the added sophistication and new features, we are still providing many perf benefits to apps upgrading from SQL…


Phenomenal Result from Dell/Intel and x64 SQL Server 2005

I have not had too much time to blog lately but here is a great result from SQL Server 2005 x64 on Dell Poweredge 2800 with Dual-Code Intel Xeon. The $0.99 Price/Performance number is a great results that proves how far we came on pushing the cost of technology down. For a little over $38K,…


SQL Server in the Financial Services Industry Webcast

I shared some of our experiences with financial services industry implementations in a 90 min webcast. I touched on 5 distinct scenarios where SQL Server 2005 may help financial services partners and customers.   – Cost: full lifecycle of a solution – Development, deployment and maintenance  – Regulations and Compliance issues – How does SQL…


Great Samples on Service Broker

I recently came across a few good samples: Async Task Management: Very Basic Trading System: Enjoy!

Algorithmic Trading

I recently started reading about Algorithmic Trading. There is a huge potential here for computer science. According to this presentation by Carl Carrie – JPMorgan & Scott Atwell – Manager of FIX Trading and Connectivity: (, algorithmic trading will make up %21 of the buy-side trading. That is huge. Certain futurists even believe traders will…

Slides and Demos from Financial Services Developer Conference in NY

I promised to make the presentation and demos available here and here they are: Presentation: Data Integration Demo: I have only demo #1 shared here. Demo is on data integration and was run on SQL Server 2005 April CTP. I demonstrate a few uses of OPENROWSET BULK and relational, custom, semi or unstructured…


FSG Developer Conference in New York

Next week, I am heading out to the financial services developer conference to deliver a SQL Server 2005 presentation. The toughest part of delivering a talk on SQL Server 2005 is to find a way to fit it all into a 90 minute slot. You can talk about individual features for 24 hours nonstop but I…


Some good blogs I read today.

I don’t like pointing to other blogs too much but I want to make sure noone misses these: SQLOS Caching by Slava SQL Testing from Ed Triou and Andre Milbradt Enjoy!