Neu in TFS mit dem VS2008 Sp1 Beta

Ich wurde nun doch des öfteren gefragt, was alles neu sein wird mit VS2008 Sp1.

  • Support for Windows Server 2008.
  • Support for SQL Server Codename Katmai CTP6.
  • The Add to Source Control dialogs have been improved to be easier to use and more scalable.
  • Drag & Drop from Windows Explorer to add to Source Control.
  • Support for Version control operations on files not in bound solutions.
  • Right-click access to set Working Folder/Cloak of folders from within Source Control Explorer.
  • Check in date/time column in Source Control Explorer.
  • Editable path field for the Source Control Explorer.
  • Email work items and queries to someone.
  • A new API to download files to a stream.
  • Links to Team System Web Access pages from notifications.
  • Improvements to the number of projects per server.
  • Performance and scale improvements.
  • Improvements to the VSS converter to make it much more robust.
  • Support for creating Team Projects from the command line.

Die Beta Version  ist schon verfügbar von TFS Sp1 und ist hier zu bekommen.

Viel Spass

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