Design time expression editing 101

Here are the basic implementation details that you should know about the design time expression editing experience in the WF designer. An expression is bound to an activity argument or property. In the designer, the expressions are displayed inside of an ExpressionTextBox control. You can enter one single expression per ExpressionTextBox. Statements are not supported….


VB Expression Example: Manipulating generic lists

Let’s walk through the process of manipulating a generic list using VB expressions. Say you have added a C# class to your C# workflow project with the following code (yes, you can still use C# for all the heavy lifting): public class Person { public string Name { get; set; } public int Age {…

VB for C# Developers

The lack of C# expressions in WF 4.0 is painful for all of you C# developers out there. We know, and we won’t forget about C# support when planning for future releases. However, if you are using WF 4.0, you will need to figure out how to cope with VB for now, so here are…