Least discoverable feature: importing more tables from an existing connection

You’ve run the import wizard, and imported a bunch of tables into your tabular model. Now you want to import one more from that same connection. How do you do this? What you need is the Existing Connections dialog. To start the Existing Connections dialog, go to Model->Existing Connections or click the Existing Connections button…


Changing your font and keyboard shortcuts in the tabular designer

If you look carefully, you can see my roots showing. No, not my hair – you can see my old job showing. When I came to work on the Analysis Services team, we had to design an “environmentally friendly” Visual Studio package in a hurry using the Visual Studio extensibility framework, same as everybody else….


Least discoverable feature: changing the Workflow Designer fonts and colors

The MSDN documentation on the WF designer shell has a very short section describing how WF designer fonts and colors work. Here is a bit more detail. You can manually change the colors and fonts used by the WF designer using the Tools->Options dialog box. The Workflow Designer for WF 4.0 does not have its…


Least discoverable feature: 100% zoom and fit to screen

There are a whole bunch of buttons in the bottom right hand corner of the workflow designer. Here they are: The magnifying glass to the left of the zoom combo box changes the zoom level of the workflow designer to 100%. (Yes this really is a button.) The button to the right of the combo…


Least discoverable feature: F7 and Shift+F7 to toggle code view

In this episode, we turn to the project system. The Workflow Designer, unlike Cider (the WPF editor), does not have a side-by-side design/code view. If you want to close the designer and view the XAML for the workflow, you must close and reopen the document. You will have to live with this for Dev10.  It’s…


Least discoverable feature: Show all conditions/hide all conditions

This is the first in an occasional series highlighting some of the least discoverable features of the Workflow Designer. In this episode, we turn to the flowchart. The FlowDecision and FlowSwitch “activity” designers (they’re really items) have this cute little triangle in the top right hand corner. Hover over it, and you see the condition…