The Hans Rosling project

About a year ago, I read a profile about Hans Rosling in the Economist magazine. Apparently I had been living under a rock, as I had never seen his data visualizations before. Pretty impressive:

Rosling made sure all his information was put up publically on I resolved to use this data set to come up with some nifty visualizations, but never quite got around to this project – until now.

I had to do quite a bit of ETL to get the data into a form that was suitable for consumption by DAX. Also, I needed some pictures so my Power View reports would look nice, so I had to put in some flags from the CIA World Fact Book. The mapping of country to continent I got from the web, unfortunately I lost the link to the original data source but it is publically available information. Once I got all this data together, I put it into one single SQL Server data source for easy import into PowerPivot. I made a PowerPivot workbook, and then a Power View report. And now, we have exciting data in Microsoft tools as well:

Here are the samples:


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  1. Michael J Swart says:

    Even though I couldn't see the smiles, or gestures. I could tell 🙂 Well done!

    With the data, the visualizations, the cards etc… Power View is really really promising. Can't wait for 2012!!

  2. Christine T Roade says:

    I liked Hans Rosling's speech. He is really smart!

    There is another speech named " Magic washing Machine " and it was impressive,too.


  3. Eric Frayer says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for posting this.  I think Hans Rosling's visualizations are compelling and interesting to a wide audience.  The VIP's at TED (and thousands around the world) clearly enjoyed and understood the material. BI Professionals and Data Analysts watched and dreamed about being able to connect with users and decision-makers in such a way.  With SQL 2012 looks like the technology is catching up to the dream.    

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