Last day at Microsoft

Hi, today is my last day at Microsoft. I am moving back home to Vancouver, BC. I won’t be allowed to post to my MSDN blog any more, so I found a new home at You can watch there for updates.  You can also contact me through my blog and on Linked In. Cheers


The Hans Rosling project

About a year ago, I read a profile about Hans Rosling in the Economist magazine. Apparently I had been living under a rock, as I had never seen his data visualizations before. Pretty impressive: Rosling made sure all his information was put up publically on I resolved to use this data set to come…


DirectQuery impersonation options explained

In my previous post about impersonation, I mentioned that DirectQuery impersonation was a bit tricky. That is because there is a special project property called Impersonation Settings that determines the credentials to use when connecting to the data source. The MSDN documentation of this property is a little thin, so let’s walk through the details….


New for RC0 – the .layout file

If you look at my previous post on the tabular project structure, you’ll see this teaser: “There are a couple of other files in the project folder, an optional ABF file and a hidden user settings file, but I’ll talk about those another day.” The ABF file description I just put off because it was…