PowerPivot measures command – no really, don’t modify it manually!

If you look in the metadata of a BIM file, or if you look at the .dax file generated by the DAX Editor, you will see the following perplexing comment: ———————————————————- — PowerPivot measures command (do not modify manually) — ———————————————————- This is actually a meaningful comment. Despite having PowerPivot in the name, it is…


Least discoverable feature: importing more tables from an existing connection

You’ve run the import wizard, and imported a bunch of tables into your tabular model. Now you want to import one more from that same connection. How do you do this? What you need is the Existing Connections dialog. To start the Existing Connections dialog, go to Model->Existing Connections or click the Existing Connections button…


Securing your tabular model

Now that RC0 has arrived I can finally post about security for tabular models. I have put off writing about security because I think the RC0 documentation on this subject is really quite good so I don’t have too much to add. Also, we had a minor feature add for RC0 that is very exciting….


Changing your font and keyboard shortcuts in the tabular designer

If you look carefully, you can see my roots showing. No, not my hair – you can see my old job showing. When I came to work on the Analysis Services team, we had to design an “environmentally friendly” Visual Studio package in a hurry using the Visual Studio extensibility framework, same as everybody else….


Using Edit Table Properties on a partitioned tabular model

In PowerPivot, the Edit Table Properties dialog box is used for a few things. It is used to add columns to a table, remove columns from a table, and adjust the set of rows included in the table. This works great for PowerPivot. All the data in the PowerPivot model is stored in a single…


Impersonation in tabular models

Here is a pop quiz on impersonation when connecting to a data source for tabular models. Question 1: How many impersonation options are supported for tabular models? 2, as shown in the tabular designer 3 4, as shown in SSMS Question 2: My impersonation credentials are validated in the Import Wizard. True False Question 3:…