PDC09 Tuesday session wishlist

Hello from sunny Los Angeles. I’m am shocked and pleased to be reporting to you from a place in a convention hall with actual daylight streaming through windows!!! I find all the besweatered locals amusing, personally I am wishing I brought shorts and I am wondering where I can suntan on breaks.

I’m planning my day for Tuesday, which is the official start. I’m looking at sessions like:

I’m really excited to see all of the Expression talks. I’ve been very slowly teaching myself both Design and Sketchflow so that we can do some rapid prototyping ourselves, Sketchflow is pretty nifty for quickly mocking up screens and getting a toy app up and running that you can play with.

Of course this will be in between booth duty, we have some great Workflow demos and hands on labs lined up.

Matt Winkler is going on Wednesday for the first WF talk (spicy!), so fans of WF should not miss it. Also those interested in the workflow space should look at Microsoft Application Server Technologies, Present and Future and Biztalk Server Futures and Roadmap.

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