Hi, I’m Cathy Dumas, and I’m a program manager on the Workflow Designer team. We write the tools that you use inside of Visual Studio when you create Workflow projects. We’ve been hard at work on the .Net 4.0 release shipping with Visual Studio 2010, and we’re looking forward to getting this product out the door and into the hands of customers.

This blog will do two things: provide some insight into the machinations behind the Workflow Designer, and provide some tips and tricks for working effectively in the designer. I’ll focus on the upcoming .Net 4.0 release. I worked on the overall designer user experience and the expression editing experience, so I’ll start with a series of posts on expression editing and move on to other topics as time progresses. If you’re interested in any other designer topics, leave a comment or shoot me a mail (cathyk at Microsoft). Cheers

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  1. upzone says:

    Why did you consider choose VB expression in new WF 4.0 designer?

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