IIS – site offline but handshake phase done properly

Today I want to share with you an interesting scenario introduced by one of my customers. Let me give you a picture about where we are: We have a Web Server with two ip addresses configured on top of it. Two web sites are hosted on mentioned Web Server. Let’s call them site1 and site2….


404 File not found due to FileUtil.CheckSuspiciousPhysicalPath

As everyone of you knows, 404 means file not found! A complete reference is available here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943891/en-gb. Well, there is a scenario where IIS provides back an HTTP 404 even if your file is there! Unbelievable.. Let us have a look to it. First of all, proceed configuring web server to provide back this code,…


How to monitor Application Request Routing via PowerShell

Dear readers, Welcome back. Today I want to discuss with you how to monitor Application Request Routing via PowerShell script. In case that you are wondering what ARR is, probably you have to give a look at following link: http://www.iis.net/downloads/microsoft/application-request-routing Of course ARR has some tools and performance counters available to monitor its status, like:…


How many web applications per application pool

Many times during my work activities, I figure out wrong configurations on web servers. Today, I want to discuss here this topic: web applications cannot be managed and configured like traditional windows applications. When we think to desktop applications like notepad, we know that each time we run it, O.S. defines a new process (notepad.exe…


StackOverflow Exception – wrong implementation or leak of resources

During this week, I had the opportunity to analyze a very interesting trouble and I want to share it with all of you. I do not want to go too much in deep about what occurred on the real scenario otherwise you could consider this post very long and boring. My idea is to share…


IIS7’s performance slower than IIS6

  As Support Engineer, I have the possibility to work with many customers around the world with different configurations. A couple of mounts ago, I was surprised to work with one of them who sustained that after the migration to IIS7 from IIS6, the IIS7’s performance was worse than IIS6. The servers’ goal was the…