How to use Query rules and display templates to detect the intent of your users

Hi, I’m pretty sure you have tried to search in Google or Bing the answer to a math operation, and you got an instant result that matches exactly that.   When you read about this scenario,talking about SharePoint 2013, “A search result, suggestion, or recommendation is more relevant when it better satisfies the intent of…


The creator of this fault did not specify a Reason

Hi, Did you were developing with SharePoint 2010 and found this error when working with Search Query? This seems WCF service, isn’t it? But you have no clue about the real problem, only a short “Property doesn’t exist or is used in a manner inconsistent with schema settings” with an exception in Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Query.InvalidPropertyException Stack =…


How to: Add Publishing Image Field in your Search results

Hi, This has been a recurring problem in SharePoint: Although you add a publishingImage field to your layout and it gets indexed, the managed property mapped to this crawled property has no value. This is related to two issues: Compound controls does not get indexed. Specifically only text is get indexed, and HTML is stripped…


PauseCrawl vs PauseBackgroundActivity

Hi, Just a comment about my pausecrawl powershell script. Although it seems clear the pausecrawl command pauses an active crawl for the content source; I get last week some questions about it. On the other hand, the PauseBackgroundActivity pauses all content-related activity for a Shared Services Provider’s search service. local vs global. adios!


Follow SEO recommendations in your public SharePoint deployment

Hi, Today I received a request about SEO recommendations in your SharePoint deployment. Well you should care about it always, no matter if it is SharePoint or not (although it would be better :)) In case you came from other dimension, search is the technology behind everything. Just to the spec, I wanted to share…


How to: Programmatically read the ChangeLog in PowerShell

Hi, When I was working to get powershell scripts from MSDN samples to get/set information, I created too one for reading the changelog. It was a bit tricky to build, but I manage to port Querying for specific changes to PowerShell. You can review the changelog API in the Microsoft SharePoint Developer Documentation Team Blog and MSDN…


Sharepoint: supportability scenarios

Today I posted some samples about Search and Powershell integration. I mention about the supportability of querying sharepoint tables. I thought about it and I wanted to clarify my point of view and what is public & published. I have listed the main areas (I’m primarly focusing on Office12) where I have seen supportability questions. If…


How to: Programmatically Manage the Crawl of a Content Source in PowerShell

Hi, If you have read my previous post you may think, why did you stop there? Well, that is what I thought too :), and started with this article from MSDN. We wanted to start managing the crawling of our content source more programmatically, as we have seen that running several at the same time affects…


How to: Programmatically Export the Crawl History to a CSV File in PowerShell

Hi, When I came across the article at MSDN How to: Programmatically Export the Crawl History to a CSV File I thought I would never create such a tool just for that specific feature, as you end up with additional requirements in order to create an admin tool. But today I needed to get data from…


Information Design for MOSS

Hi, I was reading today Stephen P. Anderson’s book and then I realized that Information Architecture is to Findability what Information Design is to Understandability. We focus on the type of information we present to the user, in order to be completely relevant, but I do not really see focus on innovative/automatic ways to “communicate ideas, illustrate information or…