Migration from Microsoft Access to SharePoint

Hi, Yesterday I was asked about migration paths for Access applications. Yes, there are still a spread active group (usually at the department level). I have worked with several alternatives, however at the end you should consider four main requirements: Security (Custom, AD, Sec. trim.)  UI (Access, Web [native or host in SharePoint], Custom) App complexity…


Planning to Migrate from Crystal Reports to SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services?

Hi, Just to let you know, that you have new resources available to help you migrate from Crystal Reports to SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services at: http://www.microsoft.com/sql/techinfo/whitepapers/migrate-crystal-to-reporting-services.mspx It is a great work with screenshots and descriptive steps in order to create the reports. Cheers! SQL


PDf Fonts & Overlapping items in Reporting Services

Hi, I just wanted to share some answers to one of our customers that perhaps are going and going in the RS world. They were seen some rendering ‘problems’: overlapping rectangles fonts in pdf been changed We have several references in the documentation about this: HTML does not support overlapping items, and will position these…


What’s going on with RDL?

I was thinking right now how was going on the different development around tools that generate RDL. Perhaps in the next Trivial Pursuit will appear Who designed Report Definition Language? and you should know it [:)] It is nice to see several projects/companies involved in this type of development, as the platform (RS) is so extensible. Some…


WordML in Reporting Services

Although Reporting Services is almost 22 months old, I haven’t found any pure render extension yet (please comment on this[:-*]). Many people ask me ‘how can I export reports in Microsoft Word format?’, and I usually redirect them to our BOL. But after looking up in the RS documentation, I realized that it is not…