SharePoint Server 2010 Performance and Capacity Management

Hi all,  These recently published documents are really a must reading for everyone that wants to understand better SharePoint as a platform and specifically that plan to manage and deploy the 14 wave servers. SharePoint Server 2010 performance and capacity test results and recommendations SharePoint Server 2010 performance and capacity technical case studies Capacity management…


The URL of a subsite may appear in uppercase even though you used lowercase when you created the subsite in SharePoint Server 2007

Hi, You may find this problem being arised by your customers. You can find the description in the KB: As you can read in the BCL recommendations at DO: Use ToUpperInvariant rather than ToLowerInvariant when normalizing strings for comparison. The problem here is that the key is used as the value too, so…


MOSS Performance Counters and thresholds

Hi, Imagine you have reached Ben Curry’s article when searching for performance counters, but you don’t know which thresholds to monitor! Some time ago I found PAL Tool, and I checked a good thing: it has MOSS2007 thresholds. So this should be a good starting point.  Cheers!     PAL.jpg