JQuery and SharePoint 2010 Javascript Conflict

Hi, Yesterday I faced a problem with a PoC I did some months ago. I added a ratings feature to SharePoint 2007 Lists using JQuery. There were a conflict caused by sp.js and jquery.js using prototype methods. I just followed the recomendations to avoid it. As I had put everything in my document ready area,…


JQuery Rating in SharePoint Lists

Hi, Last week I was asked to create a sample to include in a SharePoint list rating functionality without any server code. That means only SharePoint Designer and client script. First was how to store those ratings. Based on experience the obvious solution was to store scores in a separate list, and aggregate afterwards totals….


Use jQuery to make FrontPage requests

Hi, It is interesting to see JQuery growing in the SharePoint space. For sure client APIs will enrich the ecosystem of SharePoint applications. Some time ago, we needed a way to get some information we were storing in the property bag of our SPWebs. As the process to store the values were automated and the…