Security SharePoint boundaries – Securable objects Best Practices


I have found this question to be trickier  than expected, so I wanted to put together my favorites links.

Let's start with oficial published information:

Other scenarios as security trimming (search related) are not been considered.

Although those articles seem a good starting point, there may be ambiguous general guidance when a customer tries to implement it. Overall I will simplify with: use Active Directory Groups, take into account boundaries, do not target max limits and understand manageability vs business requirements.

These articles from Joel Oleson and Eli Robillard are great summaries .

 Finally, it is very important to be able to manage this security configuration efficiently, and here the main recommendation is to complement SharePoint with third parties or published tools as:

  1. DeliverPoint

  2. Universal SharePoint Manager

  3. Security Explorer

  4. Site Administrator for SharePoint

  5. SharePoint Administration Toolkit (Office SharePoint Server) [Permissions Reporting Tool]

  6. User Clustering WebPart

  7. Others community tools:

    1. [Simple Secure WebPart]

    2. SharePoint Access Checker WebPart

    3. Site Security Management Utility


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