Security SharePoint boundaries – Securable objects Best Practices

Hi, I have found this question to be trickier  than expected, so I wanted to put together my favorites links. Let’s start with oficial published information: Plan site security (Office SharePoint Server) Plan for software boundaries (Office SharePoint Server) [people objects table] Best practices for Search in Office SharePoint Server [Manage access by using Windows security groups…


SharePoint Labs vNext features – wishlist

Hi, For the next SharePoint version, I will bet on ASP.NET Routing as a main technology adoption. Upgrading VirtualPathProvider implementation would benefit the platform in many ways, even the following adoption of ASP.NET MVC. Today I remember my main wishlist: friendly urls. http://server/blog/posts instead of http://server/blog/_layouts/listfeed.aspx?List=<GUID http://server/services/docid/CUSTOM-1-1 instead of http://server/_layouts/DocIdRedir.aspx?ID=CUSTOM-1-1 It would be great to…


Simplicity comes from the platform

Today, remembering the steps and some solutions made to manage security policies or accounts, I realized that when you make the underlying platform better and smarter, the overall ecosystem moves forward. Looping about how to Manage and Sync Secure Data  So, just do not forget to add in you “plan for security” managed accounts Namaste


PauseCrawl vs PauseBackgroundActivity

Hi, Just a comment about my pausecrawl powershell script. Although it seems clear the pausecrawl command pauses an active crawl for the content source; I get last week some questions about it. On the other hand, the PauseBackgroundActivity pauses all content-related activity for a Shared Services Provider’s search service. local vs global. adios!


Follow SEO recommendations in your public SharePoint deployment

Hi, Today I received a request about SEO recommendations in your SharePoint deployment. Well you should care about it always, no matter if it is SharePoint or not (although it would be better :)) In case you came from other dimension, search is the technology behind everything. Just to the spec, I wanted to share…


JQuery and SharePoint 2010 Javascript Conflict

Hi, Yesterday I faced a problem with a PoC I did some months ago. I added a ratings feature to SharePoint 2007 Lists using JQuery. There were a conflict caused by sp.js and jquery.js using prototype methods. I just followed the recomendations to avoid it. As I had put everything in my document ready area,…


Finally Astoria coming to your SharePoint Theatres

Hi, Do you remember my Astoria Blog Publishing post? well now you can check that my crystal ball is up and running! Cool to see that any SharePoint Server 2010 acts as a Data Services Server So moving forward that vision would look like this, after installing latest ADO.NET Data Services in your SharePoint 2010…


Once upon a time there was an activeX CDN :)

Hi, Yesterday after my vacations, I was reviwing Scott posts and  I found that we have announced the Microsoft Ajax CDN. A collegue then remembered me our url. Don’t you feel we are walking in a wonderful circle 😀 Bye!


JQuery Rating in SharePoint Lists

Hi, Last week I was asked to create a sample to include in a SharePoint list rating functionality without any server code. That means only SharePoint Designer and client script. First was how to store those ratings. Based on experience the obvious solution was to store scores in a separate list, and aggregate afterwards totals….