SearchMonkey, OpenCalais and MOSS

Hi all,

This is something I really wanted to start including in my public projects (and I will do), as certainly Search will need to improve in coming years.

just check above examples, and you will see.

Well this post was just to show you the example of OpenCalais integration with MOSS:

 Open Calais allows you to add semantic metadata to content already in your environment. A very nice way to improve editors usability, as you can see in tagaroo wordpress plugin.

How does it work?

It installs (through solutions+features):

  • Custom List

  • Custom WebPart

  • Events Receivers to Documents and Page Library (ItemDeleting, ItemCheckedIn, ItemAdded and ItemUpdated events)

and when an item is created/updated and so on, the OpenCalais Webservice is called, with the information from the file (via WebRequest) and related metadata is stored in the Custom List.The custom webpart gets the current item, and it searchs for the metadata into the Custom List, so calls to the webservice are made only in editing state.

Finally as the rendering of the custom webpart matches UserAgent of Search Engine Bots, it will only display that rich information to bots matching those rules.

By default this rule has Yahoo bot, in order to be relevant to SearchMonkey initiative with microformats.


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