Crawled properties Information


I wanted to share with you some findings in the crawl properties space. 

At you can check that documentation says:

“Following are the default crawled property categories:

  • HTML
  • Lotus Notes
  • PDF
  • XML
  • Office
  • Exchange
  • People
  • Portal
  • SharePoint “

But If you checked them in an OOB deployment you will see that they are indeed:

  • Basic
  • Business Data 
  • Internal
  • Mail
  • Notes
  • Office
  • People
  • SharePoint
  • Tiff
  • Web
  • XML

You can edit the name of the category under:”)));

schema.AllCategories.Create(“Custom Category”,new Guid());

Then you can populate Crawl properties with its methods:

If do so, you will have 5 different types to choose:

  • Text (VariantType, 31 [A pointer to a null-terminated Unicode string in the user default locale.])

  • Integer (VariantType, 20) [8-byte signed integer.]

  • Decimal (VariantType, 5) [64-bit IEEE floating point value.]

  • Date and Time (VariantType, 64) [64-bit FILETIME structure as defined by Win32. It is recommended that all times be stored in Universal Coordinate Time (UTC).]

  • Yes/No (VariantType, 11) [Boolean value, a WORD that contains 0 (FALSE) or -1 (TRUE).]

Actually, you can choose any available variant Types ( but the label will show up only the related type.

 Hasta Luego!

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  1. Hi, Have you found some problems indexing boolean values from lists? I realized that as Yes/No crawled

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