Using automatic format selection with a compression encoder in self-hosted scenarios

Although I haven’t been working with WCF for over 4 years, every now and then I run into a question from either the forums or someone directly contacting me that catches my attention and I try to see if I can help. Last week I got one of those and I think it was interesting…


Implementing CORS support in WCF

The code for this post can be downloaded from the MSDN Code Gallery. A pair of popular posts which I did a couple months back was to show how one can implement CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) in the net ASP.NET Web API framework. This week I found a couple of posts in the WCF forums…


What features do you want in WCF?

Very quick post today. WCF now has a UserVoice channel, a way for customers to suggest features to be implemented in the next version of the framework, as well as things which you think should be better. Check it out at and vote for your favorite features (or create a new one)!


WCF – Supporting raw requests for individual operations

In the post about the raw mode for the WCF Web programming model, I showed how to use a content-type mapper to tell WCF to treat all incoming requests as “raw” requests, so we could map any content, including those supported by the formatter, to a Stream parameter. This is done at the encoder level,…


Disabling model binding on ASP.NET Web APIs Beta

The code for this post can be found in the MSDN Code Gallery. As I mentioned in my first post about the ASP.NET Web APIs, people used to WCF services may get a little confused at first with the concept of model binding, which is the process by which the inputs to the actions (formerly…


Implementing CORS support in ASP.NET Web APIs – take 2

This post was written for the Beta version of the ASP.NET MVC 4. The updates needed to make them run in the latest bits (Release Candidate) are listed in this new post. The code for this post is published in the MSDN Code Gallery. Last post I showed one way to implement CORS support in…


Introducing ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta with Web APIs

There has historically been in Microsoft many ways of doing the same thing. That’s one of the original goals of WCF when it was created: unify the 5 or so different ways of creating distributed applications using the Microsoft stack (ASMX services, COM+, .NET Remoting, MSMQ and one more which I don’t remember). Whether it…


WCF Extensibility – Wrapping up

This post is the last one in the series about WCF extensibility points. For a list of all posts, go to the index page. And that’s the end of the series about extensibility points in WCF. I hope that the previous 40-some posts were useful for you – many of them were definitely useful for…