WCF Extensibility – Wrapping up

This post is the last one in the series about WCF extensibility points. For a list of all posts, go to the index page.

And that’s the end of the series about extensibility points in WCF. I hope that the previous 40-some posts were useful for you – many of them were definitely useful for me as I had to learn the topics I hadn’t used before, giving me a better picture of the product I worked on. It’s nice looking back over this almost 12 months since I started it and finding out the most popular posts – some I expected them to be, as is the case with the message inspectors, some I was surprised to be that much popular, like the behavior configuration extensions – it’s a good indication of what people are using and a good data point to bring to the team to help influence the future directions of the product.

Those were the top 5 posts based on number of views (excluding the index page, which is the most visited page):

What’s next? I’ll definitely stop working on a “series” for a while, as I have quite a few topics which I have in my queue for posting. Some of them will be long posts, as I’m used to writing, and I’ll try experimenting with some smaller posts as well (feedback is always welcome). I’ll also start with some testing-specific (not necessarily WCF related) posts - I’ve been working on, and loving, the test team ever since I joined Microsoft in various products, so it’s time I give my profession some blogging love as well. Also, since I started this series I moved from the WCF team to the ASP.NET MVC team, so there will definitely be some posts on that area once the new version becomes public.

Once again, I hope this has been an interesting series of posts.

Thank you!

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  1. Anton says:

    I haven't begun to broach even a tenth of the topics you've written about in this series, but I've already found so much useful and interesting information. Thanks for going to all this effort!

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