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  1. Maciej says:


    Long time ago, I was looking for a way to use XML comments or some comments from additional custom attributes to fulfil the generated WSDL with XML comments, that again will be used to generate XML comments for the generated client proxy. Is the way described by you in this article a good starting point to do that? Do you know any way to do so?

    Regards, Maciej

  2. Hi Maciej, there's an official WCF sample that does exactly that:…/aa717040.aspx.

  3. DennisPries says:


    how to I use the ServiceMetadataContractBehavior?

    Regards, Dennis

  4. Hi Dennis, you have to add it programmatically (see an example in the post about contract behaviors at…/wcf-extensibility-icontractbehavior.aspx). Contract behaviors can only be added programmatically, or, if they're an attribute class, they can be applied to the contract interface. Since ServiceMetadataContractBehavior is not an attribute, your only option is the first one.

  5. xeonya says:

    Hi, Carlos!

    Thank you for excellent blog series, it's a holy bible for everyone, who wants to extend WCF and figure out, how it works under the hood!

    Thnks to you publications I managed to implement JSON RPC for WCF.

    Now, what I'm trying to do, is to implement JSDL metadata output, not WSDL.

    Is there WCF way to do that?

  6. Soheil says:

    Hi Carlos

    is there any way to do same thing for DataMember of DataContract?

    i want to Change DataMembers which different client can see

  7. Hi Soheil,

    That should be possible. With the service description you have access to the whole, well, service description, including the data contracts. It's been a few years since I worked with that, but if you keep looking at the object model of the System.Web.Services.Description.ServiceDescription class (and the classes it references), I guess you should be able to find something that does what you need.

    Hope this helps,


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