Creating a Calendar App using PowerApps

For this simple example, we are going to be building an application that allows you to display a 7-day-calendar-like navigation for users to select a day. As you select the dates, it highlights the date by using a different color for the font and draws a circle around the selected date.


Figure 1. Calendar application


Now, as I was writing this I realize I would rather ship this as a PDF that people can download, print/read/use on their time and it would also save me a lot of re-formatting for a blog. So please give feedback on the format, the layout, etc. I intend to write much more, so your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Download the chapter in PDF Format

Download the finished Calendar PowerApp

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  1. Ekidana says:

    Hi CarlosAg
    I have tried downloading the completed version of the calandar app however PowerApps detects that it is based off an older version of the app thus I am unable to open it

    1. CarlosAg says:

      Yes, apologies I wrote the sample with the version before it was approved in the store. It should work now

  2. Manu says:

    I always get Errors (these tiny yellow triangles with the ! in it) when i try to rebuild the app. I downloaded your app, and compared it to the one i tried building based on your PDF, even tried copying the values for OnVisible (First Step) and the Label (Second Step) Your App is working, mine isnt. Any advice what I am doing wrong?

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