Video: Building a Custom API for PowerApps using Azure App Service Web Apps

Last week I wrote a blog on how to create a custom API using Azure AppService that was posted on the PowerApps blog, but I thought I would share a short video (7 minutes) that I took while writing the blog for those like me that prefer watching a video of that instead of having to read the steps.

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  1. Petr Clark says:

    I’m also a kind of guy who prefers videos over text. Thanks for sharing post.

  2. Alex Lavell says:


  3. mcorning says:

    I eagerly await your next video that extends this one with authentication. I want to see if my intuition about how to do that matches your working approach. In particular, whether you demonstrate Azure Active Directory App Registration as the (best? only?) way to get Client Id and Client secret information for the authentication page in New Connection for PowerApps.

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